Every day, I wake up feeling like the luckiest gal in the world, because I love what I do so deeply. It is integral to me to be able to create a space where you feel empowered to find the beauty in your imperfections. That’s why my aim in every session is to get you to stay present in life’s significant moments. As I record all of the big feelings that are felt by you and your loved ones throughout your big day, I want you to live in the moment. My photo-taking process is a collaborative one, where you and I can get wildly creative together and you can count on me to be your biggest cheerleader, #1 fan, and personal hype girl! Stepping in front of the camera is supposed to be fun, so that's where I come in.

I’m Abby, Your biggest cheerleader, #1 fan, and personal hype girl — Photographer Based in Fargo, Serving Minnesota & North Dakota

Ever since I was a child, I've been a storyteller, finding joy in creating art through competitive dance, musical theater, visual arts, and speech & debate. If you handed me a camera, you could be certain I would take countless photos. I used to capture images on a small pink digital camera wherever I went, cherishing the ability to reflect on specific moments through these visual records.

Shortly after my nineteenth birthday and my freshman year of college, I was rushed to the emergency room with stroke symptoms and diagnosed with two distinct types of brain tumors. Within a few months, I underwent a seventeen-hour brain surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. My case was a complete curveball, and resulted in the permanent loss of hearing in my right ear. My neurosurgery team managed to remove about 75% of my tumors, but the remaining 25% still reside in my noggin. Nine months later, I underwent Gamma Knife Radiation treatment in hopes of stunting the growth of the residual tumors. I continue my battle with brain tumors daily, but this experience has taught me about the importance of positivity and determination in pursuing your dreams. It was this health scare that led me to take a leap of faith and start a photography business.

After a lengthy recovery, I returned to school, insistent on graduating with honors. Spoiler alert: I did just that! While earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Minnesota State University Moorhead, I built my portfolio by shadowing area wedding photographers and having friends model for me. After graduation, I decided to pursue my true passion - photography - full time. I've been working on Abby Dahlberg Photography since 2020 and officially registered my business as an LLC in March, 2023. This journey taught me the importance of embracing what matters most to you, and following your love, whether it's for a passion or a person. Life can be unpredictable and occasionally frightening, but my mission is to help people appreciate life's imperfections, cherish the small moments amidst the chaos, and find beauty within them, because they are the moments that mean everything.

Okay, so you kinda know the girl with the camera, but how did I get here? Buckle up, it’s been a wild ride.



Netflix binge  / long walk / reading a good book

my ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday? 

Indie  /  Classic Rock  /  Country

What is my favorite genre of music?

 Strawberry lemonade refresher  / tea  /  latte

What is my Starbucks order?

Italy   /   France   /  Mexico

country i'd love to visit most?

Green    /   Purple   / Yellow

What is my favorite color?

What is my biggest fear? 

Travel to all 50 states
Ride in a hot air balloon
Learn to fluently speak American Sign Language
See the Mona Lisa in person
Ride an elephant
Attend the Coachella music festival in Indio, CA.
Own an abundance of different dog breeds
Photograph a wedding overseas

What is my star sign?

three    /   eleven   /  twenty 

How many tattoos do I have?

Autumn   /   Summer   /  Winter

What is my favorite season?

how well do you know me

Random facts & favorites

Capricorn     /    Leo    /   Pisces

Tornados    /   Spiders   /   Heights

I am completely deaf in my right ear as a result of having brain surgery at the age of 19.

I am the middle child with an older brother and younger sister

My go-to beverage is a Dr. Pepper


I have attended over 30 concerts

The 1975, Nightly, Elton John, Del Water Gap, Mt. Joy, Peach Pit, The Japanese House, Phoebe Bridgers, Greta Van Fleet, Green Day.

Outside of work, I am an avid Stephen King reader, collector of tattoos and vinyl records, horror film fanatic, devoted concert-goer, and lover of Dr. Pepper! My mini goldendoodle, Cooper, is my best friend, who is spoiled with one too many treats from time to time. I’m often finding joy in antiquing, listening to podcasts, exploring record stores, and spending time with friends and family. “Mind over matter” is a motto that I live by, and push those around me to keep an optimistic mindset, even when things get tough.

My batteries are recharged by meeting and spending time with people, which is a huge benefit in this career field! “Friend first, photographer second,” is what I have always said when it comes to my business. I want your special day or portrait session to feel like a day spent with a friend, who just happens to have a camera in hand. With that being said, let’s become besties! I can’t wait to get to know you and assist in creating a time capsule for the monumental moments in your life.

I’m ready bestie →

I am a sucker for love and strive to document the significant celebrations in people’s lives in the most captivating way possible.

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