While it's true that our memories often fade and the fine details may blur as time passes, photographs have a remarkable and magical ability to immortalize our most cherished moments. They serve as a tangible piece of the past, capturing not just a visual image, but the emotion, the atmosphere, and the very essence of the moment. With a single glance at a photograph, we can be transported back in time, reliving those precious moments as vividly as when they occurred. I firmly believe that every single person and every couple has a narrative that is not only distinctive, but also incredibly beautiful in the raw and messy way it is.

As a Minnesota & North Dakota Wedding + Portrait Photographer, my goal is to tell your story uniquely. With me, you won't get a generic experience, because I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each session is customized to fit your personality and story. If you are looking to capture the spirit of you or your relationship in a genuine, spontaneous, and honest way, then you're in the right place. Leaving out the quirks, mess, and chaos only tells a polished version of a story, but I’m here to embrace love just as love should be, with all the grit left in.

I am here to embrace love just as love should be, with all its grit and quirks left in.


"Friend first, photographer second" is a mantra that I value above all else. I want your special day or portrait session to feel like a day spent with a friend, who just happens to have a camera in hand. Connecting with you to establish and grow a relationship that feels like a true friendship is integral to me. Through this process, I hope to become not only your photographer, but your bestie who supports you every step of the way! The trust we build will invite a steady flow of feedback, collaboration, and partnership, resulting in a gallery of breathtaking photographs. Looking for a photographer who not only snaps plenty of timeless images, but also puts you as a human at the heart of their work? You’ve found the girl for you.

Hi, I'm Abby - Friend First, Photographer Second! I am a wedding, senior portrait, and couples photographer based out of Fargo, ND! I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to be so deeply in love with my career.

Working with Abby for our engagement and wedding photos was a dream! We told Abby many times that we were worrying about so many aspects of wedding planning, but our photos were never one of them. We were confident that Abby completely knew what she was doing and would capture our day beautifully. Throughout this process, we not only worked with an incredibly talented photographer, but gained such a sweet friend. You spend so much of your wedding day with your photographer, but it truly felt like we just had a friend with us taking our photos. Abby was such a calming presence on our wedding day, willing to adjust anything or try any ideas we had for photos. If we had to do it all over again, we would choose Abby in a heartbeat!

Gabby + Ian

 If we had to do it all over again, we would choose Abby in a heartbeat!

Abby Dahlberg is an actual angel, she is the best human and did such an incredible job making my fiancé and I feel so unbelievably comfortable during our session. She is so kind and genuine, she did an amazing job including our fur children and captured our raw, sweet and crazy good love in the BEST way. We love Abby not only as our photographer but also as a person. We cannot wait to continue working with Abby through all of our future life events and to document our most special and meaningful moments. While planning for our sessions, she has been so receptive with our vision for the vibes we’re looking for and absolutely KILLED it. We are forever grateful and will cherish our photos until we’re old and gray. If you need a photographer that is intentional and kind - you NEED Abby.

Makayla + Alex

If you need a photographer that is intentional and kind - you NEED Abby.

We were very nervous taking the plunge to put so much money towards our wedding pictures. It is an investment towards memories we wanted captured in a way we could get all the feels of our big day again. When we came across Abby's page, something about the way she captured emotions and memories in her pictures was pure talent. And then we met the artist behind the work and we just clicked. She is so down to earth and intentional with the work she does. The memories she captured for me and my husband are images we already have hung around our house. They're literally everywhere. They are so perfect! We can’t wait to capture more memories with Abby being the face behind the camera! 

Kelly + Taylor

A good photographer is worth the investment and Abby checked all the boxes for us. She is amazing!

If you are in need of any kind of photos, Abby will always be our number one recommendation. She is the most talented, kind, reliable, and professional photographer we have ever encountered. She makes it more than a photography session, and turns it into fun laughable memories. Abby always goes above and beyond our expectations, and we know she will dedicate the same qualities to everyone she meets. We were so honored to have Abby take our engagement pictures. They turned out AMAZING! I know our wedding pictures will be just as good, if not better!

Madelyn + Ahmed

She makes it more than a photography session, and turns it into fun laughable memories.

I understand how intimidating it can be to have a camera pointed at you, especially if it's your first time being photographed professionally. As a photographer, my primary goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered in front of my lens. My goal is to create artwork that authentically reflects your true self. I'm not here to force you into stiff poses or awkward smiles. Instead, I want us to embark on this exciting adventure together. Whether we're celebrating your wedding day, commemorating the end of your high school journey, or capturing precious moments with your loved one, I promise to document the significant moments as they naturally occur.


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